Pardon the dust

Please pardon the “dust” as we work to finalize the website for our inaugural Better Seafood Processing School (BSPS).

We have set the date as May 9-10, 2018 for the BSPS and the Surimi and Surimi Seafood training session with Dr. Park will follow immediately on May 11. Cost for the BSPS will be $500 and includes 3 lecture sessions related to utilization, innovation and compliance within the seafood industry, specifically focusing on quality control/quality assurance as well as a hands-on lab session. The training session with Dr. Park will be $300 and includes participation in the lab session as well.

Feel free to leave thoughtful comments pertaining to specific issues or topics you would like to learn more about that are not already included in our proposed schedule.  And  sign-up for our newsletter for quarterly updates on our program/related industry news.

Please visit again to see the updates and finalized details that will soon be posted to the BSPS website!!!

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