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Breakthroughs in Science

Breakthroughs in Science: Corvallis

December 2nd, 2008

On October 10, 2008, the College of Science welcomed guests to the Board of Visitors Luncheon and a Breakthroughs in Science interactive faculty event. The luncheon provided our attending board members an opportunity to discuss their board “task” completed for this calendar year and our special guests a forum to discuss their history and current connection with Oregon State. Martha Coleman from the OSU Foundation and Associate Dean Vince Remcho also participated.

Using our nationally-renowned Paradigms in Physics small-group teaching method, we explored with star faculty the science and policy behind the most pressing issues of this time, like air pollution, disease, and climate change. This was a rare opportunity to sit with experts like Ethan Minot, Jane Lubchenco, Mark Hixon, Staci Simonich and Andy Blaustein to brainstorm about possible solutions, and think about how OSU could lead the way. Corinne Manogue led the discussion.

Our faculty and board members concluded the day with a brainstorming session focused on faculty-support fundraising. Guests contributed strategy suggestions for CoS’s focus on faculty support in FY10.

Above: the meeting breaks into smaller groups to discuss what data would be
needed to estimate the inflow and outflow of air pollution from the U.S.

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