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OSU Pre-dental students get hands on experience with alumnus, Dr. Ryan Sparks

March 7th, 2013

The College of Science is grateful to the donors and alumni. Not only do they generously support our students by donating funding to scholarships and undergraduate research, but they donate their time to help prepare students for their chosen fields. This is the case with Dr. Ryan Sparks.

Dr. Sparks opened up his dental office to 40 pre-dental students to show them the intricacies of filling a cavity. Each student was provided with a denture tooth on which to work. This hands on experience provided the students with the opportunity to use the same tools that Dr. Sparks uses on his patients on a daily basis. They drilled on their teeth as well as filled them with the actual material used on patients, mercury and silver. The students had a small glimpse into what their lives would be like in dental school as Dr. Sparks told the pre-dental students that the activity they performed was much like the activities he practiced in dental school.


Dr. Sparks examines the work done by OSU ore-dental student.


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