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Ernest and Pauline Jaworski Summer Research Internship for Undergraduates in Plant Sciences

February 8th, 2008

Ernest (College of Science ’50 and ’52) and Pauline (College of Science ’50) Jaworski of St. Louis, MO put in place a grant for summer internships almost 10 years ago. They have since endowed the account, guaranteeing this support for perpetuity. 

Terra featured a story on scholarships in the Winter 2008 article, and gave us a glimpse into the life of a student benefiting from the Jaworski’s philanthropic vision.


Nikki Marshall

Year and discipline: Senior, Bioresource Research

Hometown: Portland, Oregon
Scholarship: The Jaworski Scholarship has opened up opportunities or me in sustainable, organic farming and ecosystem restoration. Financially, it has enabled me to pay for childcare for my daughter. (Note: Marshall has also received the E.R. Jackman Scholarship, support from the Oregon Seed Trade Association and an award from the American Seed Trade Association with Future Seed Executives.)
Inspiration: My daughter Trinity is 8 years old. She is always asking questions and giving me hope.
Career goal: To own a farm and to restore lands harmed by invasive species or toxic chemicals.
Academic focus: I have been learning how to control seeds through heat treatments and consumption by beetles. Seeds of invasive species and other weeds pose problems for agriculture and environmental restoration.

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