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Breakthroughs in Science

At risk snow

February 8th, 2008

nolinDr. Anne Nolin studies “at risk snow” as a member of our Climate Change Group in Geosciences Department. The department was ranked 6th in the country this year. 

She is one of the scientists in the IPCC to share in the Nobel Peace Prize this year.

“I chose to study snow because it is an amazingly beautiful, pure substance that is so sensitive to small changes in temperature – it can simultaneously exist as liquid, vapor and solid. When viewed by the human eye, snow is the brightest substance on our planet but at other wavelengths, beyond our vision, it becomes dark even to the point of becoming the blackest substance on earth. What I’ve learned through my work is that snow and ice are transitory and that their interactions with climate involve complex and sometimes rapid feedbacks.”

You can read more about Anne here.

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