Effective trainings build the confidence to use what was learned during the job.

When I was going into high school, I wanted to be a soccer referee. I’d played soccer all my life and knew I could make good money reffing on fall weekends. To become a certified referee I had to go through a two day course that concluded with a test to measure my comprehension. I think the training was effective at teaching us the important rules to be able to manage a game, however it was overall ineffective because it didn’t provide a way for us to practice our skills in a noncompetitive environment. This prevented me from gaining the confidence to sign up as a ref for any games. I literally had all of the gear and the certification but never reffed one game because I was nervous about the parents and players getting mad at me for making a bad call. One way the ref instructor could have measured the effectiveness of the training is by having us take the same test at the beginning of the course as the end of the course to measure improvement.

Last summer when I was a pool monitor I had a great experience with training and onboarding. There were five employees at the first day of training where they went over different scenarios we might encounter with patrons and how to handle those appropriately, this showed a prioritization of appropriate socialization. (Swift 2021) The training was very well designed because everything was absolutely transferable to the job. Prior to our first shift we walked through what a day would look like which I felt replicated the real working conditions. (Swift 2021)

Overall, both of the positions these trainings led to were not very complicated in terms of required skills. However, to be an effective employee in each role, the confidence to utilize the skills I learned needed to be build up by the managers to make the training effective.

Swift, Michelle (2021) Week 6 Lecture 3 Onboarding and Socialization

Swift, Michelle (2021) Week 6 Lecture 3 Evaluating Training Effectiveness

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