Working Internationally

The first thing I immediately considered was what my personal life situation looked like. As much as I have career aspirations, I also want to have a partner and a family one day. When presented with the opportunity to work abroad, I would have to consider where my life is at to see if it… Continue reading Working Internationally

Executive Compensation

I think the exorbitant compensation packages CEO’s receive are excessive and unnecessary. In the lecture it said that over the last 40 years, CEO compensation has risen 940% and the typical worker’s compensation has risen just 12%. (Swift 2022)   In this website: Highest Paid CEOs it shows how CEO’s of fortune 500 companies earn 200-2000+… Continue reading Executive Compensation

Not All Discretionary Benefits are Necessary

Of the three types of discretionary benefits, I think it would be easiest to eliminate those from the services category. The first type, protection programs, includes disability insurance, life insurance, and retirement plans. Within each one of these there are subcategories that vary the level of commitment to the employer. This is one of the… Continue reading Not All Discretionary Benefits are Necessary

Adobe Business Development Representative

The job I have identified that I could see myself being interested in when I gratuate is a Business Development Representative at Adobe. Essentially an entry-level software sales representative. The pay range they posted was $59,500 – $77,300 per year based off of information from Colorado. However, they are offering this position in San Francisco,… Continue reading Adobe Business Development Representative

Internal & Market Match-Ups

Developing compensation systems that are both internally consistent and market competitive is not easy, but it is possible. The overarching factors a firm has to take into account when creating their compensation system is the labor market, product market, and organizational circumstances. Under each factor there are subcategories that need attention to make decisions that… Continue reading Internal & Market Match-Ups

Dutch Bros: the Broista model

According to their website, the core values of Dutch Brothers, a southern Oregon-based coffee chain, are speed, quality, and service. These core values are their competitive advantage. They do these things so well, it differentiates them from all other coffee chains and has created a cult following of loyal customers and employees. Baristas are rebranded… Continue reading Dutch Bros: the Broista model

Is London the Best Move?

Somewhere I have always wanted to work and a place I think would align with advancing my career is in London, England. There are a lot of similarities between the two cultures that I’ve witnessed through knowing some people from there on my rowing team and from what the lectures this week described.  Both the… Continue reading Is London the Best Move?