Leveraging Compensation for Your Own Benefit

Having a job while in college is a very common practice for many students who are trying to pay their way with minimal loans. Some companies invest in tuition assistance programs to help their employees even more while pursuing additional education. An example of one such company is Chipotle. ​​One of my friends was able to complete her college degree debt-free because she took part in the tuition assistance program. The caveat was that she had to work while taking classes which prevented her from participating in other clubs or teams. I want to highlight this example because I think it shows how benefits and compensation can be effective positive motivators to retain employees and increase productivity. 

Another example of changing behavior in part by compensation is when my friend was working two jobs and had an internship but then quit both jobs when she found out the internship was actually paid. Again, being in college is a constant grind of balancing your time to meet the needs in different areas of your life. She knew she needed to make a certain amount of money each month to cover her expenses by holding an hourly paying wine shop job and a variable house-sitting gig. She is also on the rowing team, and taking classes, and doing an internship to get industry experience for her future career. Needless to say, when she found out the internship she was already planning on doing was paid, she felt less committed to her jobs because they were not necessary to fill her needs anymore.

Arnold, Chris (August 8, 2016) Chipotle Partners with Guild Education to Offer Employees Exceptional Education Benefits Chipotle https://ir.chipotle.com/news-releases?item=122436

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