Working Internationally

The first thing I immediately considered was what my personal life situation looked like. As much as I have career aspirations, I also want to have a partner and a family one day. When presented with the opportunity to work abroad, I would have to consider where my life is at to see if it would be realistic for me to travel and whether that would happen with or without my family. With this, I would want to know how long the international work would last and what my employer is willing to do to mitigate the challenges related to either being away from my family or bringing them with me. 

I want to know what career development opportunities there are to ensure that this is a positive career move and continues to push me forward to add value to my company. With there being a different culture to adjust to, the location of my transition would be a big factor for me. I would be most comfortable in another western english speaking country, but I can consider elsewhere if that’s what is needed. The economic status of a new country would highly impact my consideration financially. I want to know that my salary, at a minimum, reflects the GDP discrepancy, but realistically I want to get a raise or other benefits to make the transition smoother. Another thing to make the transition smoother would be a training to equip me with an understanding of the culture I am moving to. Language, business practices, and cultural etiquette are important things to be aware of in new places.

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