Adobe Business Development Representative

The job I have identified that I could see myself being interested in when I gratuate is a Business Development Representative at Adobe. Essentially an entry-level software sales representative. The pay range they posted was $59,500 – $77,300 per year based off of information from Colorado. However, they are offering this position in San Francisco, San Jose, and Los Angeles in addition to Denver. A livable wage is nearly $100,000 in San Francisco but only $50,000 in San Jose. I would be most interested in pursuing this position in San Francisco because I have family in the bay area and really like California. However, I think it would be the most realistic for me to choose a location that can accommodate my adventurous style of living while being reasonably priced. For this reason, I would want to apply for the position in Denver. I mention this because I would hope that the compensation package is well above this starting range for San Francisco because it would be really just unfair if they kept it consistent no matter the location.

Because this is a sales role, I would expect at least some of the total compensation is based on commissions. I am someone who wants at least a reasonable amount of security when it comes to salary so I would be willing to ask for at least 40% of my annual salary be base pay. The range Adobe has presented for this position in Denver makes sense. If I were asked what my pay expectation would be I would say between $65,000 and $70,000 total with base pay. But I would want unlimited commissions meaning I could potentially earn much more than that. I have experience in a sales position and feel I can exceed expectations when it comes to all of the other requirements they’re requesting an employee be able to do. I also know that I want to maintain a high standard of living when I am in my career and I am willing to ask for what I think I deserve even if it is above the average. Which, in this case I think it is a reasonable ask. In addition to this package, I would ask for equity to benefit from the long-term profits I would hope Adobe would continue to bring in.

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