Minimum Wage Jobs Deserve Accurate Job Descriptions

All of the positions I have held were seasonal minimum wage jobs I was hired for a year to four years ago. I say this because I have little memory of what the descriptions were when I applied, but I remember while I was in each position thinking how little it felt like I was prepared for the tasks I actually needed to accomplish. Every job I applied for, I had just happened upon under different circumstances. For example, the most recent job I applied for and was accepted for was as a pool monitor for a local neighborhood. I saw they were hiring because of a sign in front of the pool because I biked past there and was interested enough to find their website. Because of my interest, I would say this recruitment technique was effective.

Although this says 2017, it is the same as the application I filled out. As you can see, it asks that I identify my competencies as they’ve defined them by checking a box. These are pretty straightforward questions that leave little room for misinterpretation but can be concerning as I don’t know the degree of importance of each aspect if I were to be unable to check a box. After submitting my application, I received an email to schedule a time to interview with a few pages of materials that included the pool rules.

During the interview, I was asked different questions about scenarios I could potentially encounter to see how I would handle them. I remember throughout the interview process still being confused about the scope of my role and didn’t find clarity until after I’d shown up for a few shifts.

I think it is easy for employers to think that because minimum wage or seasonal work comes with a high turnover rate or utilizes younger workers that it isn’t necessary to define how work will be performed and the tasks that will be required in a given job. But effectively defining a position prior to hiring will mitigate confusion and decrease the amount of underskilled workers hired.

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