Personnel Planning is foundational to the hiring process

The most important thing I learned in this class was the concept of personnel planning. Because I have only ever been on the candidate side of a job search, I didn’t realize how important it is to understand, on every level, what should go into which position to fill and how to fill it. In order to assess these things, hiring managers have to zoom out a bit to evaluate what their goals are, if current employees are equipped to meet the demands, or if they have to look externally to the supply of candidates in the external market. Paired with this process is job analysis. I want to always keep in mind that the “job analysis should be the foundation for nearly all personal planning decisions you will ever make.” Because it is used for so many different things, it is important to get it right. Preparing for it by evaluating who should conduct the analysis, which employees should participate, and what kinds of information should be obtained will reduce the risk of not having an accurate analysis. One part of this that really stood out to me was, when asking employees what they think they do, you have to keep in mind they may exaggerate. Also, you can stop asking questions once you start getting information that continues to repeat itself. 

Before taking this class, I didn’t have a great impression of hiring personnel from my experiences because it has never felt very formal. I’ve applied to a community pool, golf course, the MU, and summer kids camps. Prior to this class, I would not have considered how much planning was really put into the recruitment and planning that went into hiring for these positions because it seemed like a piece of cake to get hired. Although, now I understand some of what may have happened behind the scenes to pique my interest and get me hired.

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