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Dr. Gaurav Sahay’s mRNA-based Therapeutics Research Contributed to the COVID-19 Vaccine Development

OSU College of Pharmacy faculty member and researcher Dr. Gaurav Sahay’s has been a leader in the field of mRNA-based therapeutics. His lab has made a significant contribution to the development of lipid-based nanoparticles for the delivery of mRNA based therapeutics and vaccines. In the past, Dr. Sahay has had collaborations with Moderna Tx which led to seminal publications in Nature Communications, Nano Letters, and patents.  Sahay lab pivoted to […]

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Dr. Lorinda Anderson publishes findings

A large, multi-center, multi-state project is the result of a collaboration between OHSU Obstetrics and Gynecology and our OSU College of Pharmacy faculty member, Dr. Lorinda Anderson. Initial findings from the PEARL study (Pharmacists Expand Access to Reproductive heaLthcare) have just been published in the Journal of the American Medical Association’s Open Access Journal.Link:

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Faculty member Dr. Oleh Taratula receives 2 new grants

Faculty member, Dr. Oleh Taratula and his research group received an R21 grant from the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health & Human Development along with Ov Slayden from the ONPRC titled “A nanoparticle-based approach for surgical imaging and intraoperative treatment of endometriosis” with a 6th percentile score. Faculty member, Dr. Oleh Taratula and his […]

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Drs. Leid & Filtz featured on OSU Today – Researchers Discover Genetic Mutation Behind Serious Skull Disorder

“A collaboration led by scientists at Oregon State University, the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom and Erasmus University in The Netherlands has identified a new genetic mutation behind the premature fusing of the bony plates that make up the skull.” “As an individual grows, sutures are supposed to close gradually, with complete fusion […]

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2018 Rising Lecture and Retreat Awards

Podium presentation Awardees Ayers Award: Siddharth Patel (Sahay Lab) Sponenburg Award: Allison DuRoss (Sun Lab) College of Pharmacy Travel Award: Ines Paraiso (Stevens Lab) Best Poster Awardees 1st place: Luying Chen (Van Breeman Lab) 2nd place: Brenda Cisnero (Philmus Lab) Tie for 3rd place: Hattan Alharbi (Mahmud lab) and Sarah Alto (Filtz lab)

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Drs. Lorinda Anderson, Dan Hartung and Maria Rodriguez – Featured Publication

Lorinda Anderson, PharmD, Dan Hartung, PharmD, MPH, and Maria Rodriguez, MD, MPH, were recently published in Obstetrics & Gynecology for their study titled “Pharmacists Provision of Hormonal Contraception in the Oregon Medicaid Population”. The study shows how the program increases accessibility of contraception and reduces the overall cost and rate of unintended pregnancies.  This is a tremendous […]