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Drs. Leid & Filtz featured on OSU Today – Researchers Discover Genetic Mutation Behind Serious Skull Disorder

“A collaboration led by scientists at Oregon State University, the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom and Erasmus University in The Netherlands has identified a new genetic mutation behind the premature fusing of the bony plates that make up the skull.”

“As an individual grows, sutures are supposed to close gradually, with complete fusion taking place in the third decade of life,” said Oregon State researcher Mark Leid. “Proper suture formation, maintenance and ossification require an exquisitely choreographed balance – stem cells and their progeny need to proliferate and differentiate at just the right time.”

“Professor Theresa Filtz, staff scientist Walter Vogel and graduate students Elahe Esfandiari, Wisam Hussein Selman and Evan Carpenter of the Oregon State College of Pharmacy took part in this research, as did professor Urszula Iwaniec of the OSU College of Public Health and Human Sciences. In addition to Oregon State, Oxford and Erasmus, scientists at the University of Leicester in the UK were part of the collaboration.”

Findings were originally published in Human Molecular Genetics.

To see full story by Steve Lundeberg of OSU Today, click here.