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McPhail and Ishmael received NIH R01 funding to pursue natural products drug discovery research

Drs. Jane Ishmael and Kerry McPhail, Associate Professors of Pharmacology and Medicinal Chemistry/Natural Products, respectively, in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, received NIH R01 funding for $1.6 million to pursue natural products drug discovery research for a project titled “Modulation of Protein Biogenesis and Secretion by Natural Product Translocon Ligands.” Drs. Ishmael and McPhail are […]

McPhail Pharmaceutical Sciences research

McPhail The Chemistry of Corals on vimeo

Kerry McPhail searches coral reefs around the world for chemical clues that could be the new drugs of tomorrow. She recently traveled to Saudi Arabia, where she dove the spectacular Red Sea reefs. She’s a medicinal chemist who teaches and does research at the Oregon State University College of Pharmacy. The Chemistry of Corals from […]

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McPhail, et al. Awarded Grant from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation has chosen Dr. McPhail to lead a three year, multi-university project entitled The Chemical Ecology and Group Dynamics of Modern Microbialite Communities with collaborators from Rhodes University, South Africa, UC San Diego, and Univ. of Wisconsin.    

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Mcphail, Ishmael, et al. Publication in Journal of Medicinal Chemistry

The research groups of Drs. Kerry McPhail and Jane Ishmael, including former and current graduate students Mohamad Nazari, Jeffrey Serrill, Xuemei Wan and David Gallegos, are pleased to announce the publication of their manuscript entitled “New Mandelalides Expand a Macrolide Series of Mitochondrial Inhibitors” in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, available here.

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Scholarship awarded to Richard Tehan in the McPhail lab

Congratulations, Richard Tehan, a Ph.D. student in Pharmaceutical Sciences in the laboratory of Dr. Kerry McPhail who was selected to receive a scholarship award from the Oregon Mycological Society.

grant McPhail Pharmaceutical Sciences

Mcphail, Ishmael, et al. Awarded R15/AREA grant

Congratulations to Dr. Kerry McPhail and her co-investigator, Dr. Jane Ishmael, on the funding of an R15/AREA grant from NIH/NIGMS entitled “Natural Product Drug Discovery from South African Tunicates by Leveraging International Training Opportunities” starting April 1, 2017.