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PAST earns a Certificate of Commendation from the American Institute of the History of Pharmacy

Faculty members Roberto Linares, RPh, and Ann Zweber, RPh, along with current P4 students Karina Destine, Abigail Larson, Eliza Ammon, Jessica Foerster, and Kameron Kaufmann founded OSU College of Pharmacy’s Pharmacy Artifact Sorting Team (PAST). The members of PAST are interested in the care and management of an important collection of artifacts. PAST has made a significant contribution to the history of pharmacy by undertaking to organize and catalog the entire collection, including photographing and documenting each item of the collection in an electronic database. In addition, PAST has worked to make the collection accessible and to share stories behind the items in the collection. PAST’s Facebook and Instagram websites are being used to feature items from the collection, with new posts (including photographs and descriptions of items) being posted almost weekly. In this way, PAST is sharing the OSU College of Pharmacy collection with historians, researchers, and others interested in the history of pharmacy around the world.
PAST is recognized for making very valuable contributions to the history of pharmacy. AIHP commend the students and faculty members participating in the project, and the College of Pharmacy for actively supporting the project.
AIHP awards Certificates of Commendation to recognize “endeavors that show evidence of considerable effort, ingenuity, and significance to the history of pharmacy or the promotion thereof.” PAST is being awarded a Certificate of Commendation for its work to curate the collection of over 5,000 pharmacy artifacts that the College of Pharmacy recently acquired.

PAST was also awarded OSPA’s Excellence in Innovation Award during the virtual Fall Seminar, as mentioned below. 
Congratulations, to the PAST Team, for your dedication to promoting the history of pharmacy. Please follow their social media platforms below!