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P3 student, Sue Quyen Merbs, recipient of Samaritan’s Ignite Award

The Ignite Award was established as part of Samaritan’s commitment to strengthen employee recognition and appreciation efforts.  All Shining Star recipients are considered for the Ignite Award, with the determination being made on a quarterly basis by the Employee Engagement Committee.  Ignite recipients are selected based on the information contained in their Shining Star recognition and an assessment of how their actions reflect the award criteria outlined below:

  1. Demonstrated evidence of Samaritan PRIDE;
  2. Example(s) of going “above and beyond” the assigned job duties;
  3. Example(s) of proactively interacting with patients, visitors and/or co-workers; and 
  4. Example(s) of representing Samaritan Health Services in an exemplary manner through engaging with community partners, serving on various boards/committees, or other means.

In addition to being recognized at their site-based managers’ meeting, there is a special event for all Ignite winners and their guests.  That event typically occurs each Fall, but because of current COVID restrictions, it is delayed until we are able to gather in person.

Sue Quyen (Merbs), Pharmacy Intern, Samaritan Albany General Hospital (nominated by a local resident):
“On January 24 of this year, I needed a (prescription) refill for my young child, who has asthma and was very sick.  I had only two doses left, and I was told (by my regular pharmacy) that I would have to wait until the following week to pick up the refill.  I called around to several other pharmacies without success, and then I called Samaritan and spoke to Sue.  She not only suggested some additional pharmacies I could try — she even offered to call some of them while I called others!  It was wonderful to reach someone who understood that my situation was urgent and was willing to help.  I am incredibly grateful to Sue for being a decent human being in that moment, and for going above and beyond to help.  We were able to get the medication at Elm Street in Albany (which Sue called), and my daughter did not have to go to the ER for her breathing.  Now my whole family has made Samaritan our pharmacy of choice.  Thank you, Sue!”