October 10th, 2020

This is the first blog post of the term and I’m just going to go through some of the suggested topics listed on Canvas:

  • Computers have always been an interest of mine and something I’ve always liked to work with, so deciding to study Computer Science was a natural choice.
  • I’m currently working full time doing tech for a K-12 school district in Oregon.
  • My favorite listed projects generally had something to do with UI or HCI, which is great that I might get a chance to work on a project that relates to my focus.
  • Lately I’ve been interested in hardware and networking. With my job I’ve had to learn a lot about server management and networks which has always been a gap in my knowledge.
  • My favorite technologies are generally technology that automates tasks. Whether it’s simple scheduled software tasks or hardware such as robotic vacuums.

Going forward I’m excited to get started on this project and begin working on the final year of my time at OSU.

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