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Article: “One Laid Groundwork For The ADA; The Other Grew Up Under Its Promises”

“We will no longer allow the government to oppress disabled individuals. We want the law enforced.”

Judy Heumann, a founder of the Disability Rights Movement

“Before the Americans with Disabilities Act granted people with disabilities greater protection and accessibility, a little-known law set the groundwork.

In 1977, Judy Heumann helped lead a peaceful protest that forced the government to follow through with Section 504. As part of the 1973 Rehabilitation Act, the law would force hospitals, universities and other public spaces that received federal money, to remove barriers to accessibility for all Americans. But its implementation was long delayed over the costs necessary to retrofit buildings to comply with the law.” Continue reading this article, which includes a 4-minute podcast of Judy Heumann speaking about the significance of The Americans with Disabilities Act, at NPR.