Daily Archives: November 3, 2020

Article: “Producing Disability-Inclusive Data”

“Children and adults with disabilities often face discrimination, leading to reduced access to basic social services and general lack of recognition. Addressing discrimination and promoting inclusion is an issue of concern in all sectors, and can be accomplished through quality data and evidence-based advocacy and policy.

Inclusive data are key to eliminating discrimination on the basis of disability and to accelerating global efforts towards inclusive programming. The production of inclusive data demands the involvement of persons with disabilities in all data collection processes and outcomes. This will help ensure that their experiences and needs are adequately reflected in the evidence being generated.” Continue reading at UNICEF.

Article: “Campus archives reveal genesis of U.S. disability rights movement”

“It was 1997, and Jane Rosario, a librarian at UC Berkeley’s Bancroft Library, was on her way to visit Mark O’Brien, a former Berkeley student with an extensive literary collection of his own works. He was a poet and journalist and larger than life — and Rosario had the job of collecting his poems, essays and book reviews to include in the library’s archives on disability rights and the independent living movement of the 1960s and 1970s.” Continue reading this article by Anne Brice at Berkeley News.