Monthly Archives: February 2010

Begin at the beginning?

A year of interacting, sharing, and celebrating what we have and what we know. We had a few big “Wow, thanks!” moments in 2009, but this year we want more …

We begin again, appropriately back where we started last February, with images from the Gerald Williams Collection. It’s true—we’re going to have a whole month of weekly releases! And with the first, “Towns & Buildings,” we want to hear from you.

At a loss where to start? You can always begin with the simple browse method, scanning through the images in this Flickr set … But for those who would like a little more direction, those who like “assignments,” those who feel comfortable with a list – here you go!

You can start simple … What can you find about the history or Astoria, Clatskanie, Timber, or Amity Oregon? Or you can dive into this list and let us know what you learn about:

Research until you can’t learn any more. Just make sure you include your factoid treasures with us in the comments field. No matter what, share, share, share!

Hats off to Dr. Hedberg!

The oldest active member of the Chemistry Department, Ken Hedberg, turns 90 today. As an emeritus professor, Hedberg still remains very engaged in his research, which involves the determination of the structures of molecules by analyzing the scattering of electrons by them. Hedberg is acknowledged as the world’s leading expert in his field and his work has been continuously supported by the National Science Foundation for more than 50 years. He received his BS degree from OSU in 1939 and has the distinction of having four OSU athletic letters, as an outstanding tennis player.”