Other Resources

By Alyssa Premo


This podcast titled called Howl for the Grey Wolf by All Creatures Podcasts is a fascinating podcast covering a multitude of topics. The description of the podcast is as follows:

“Grey Wolves in the United States are losing protections that have been in place for decades. Without these, Wolves are now once again being persecuted. The Grey Wolf, also called the Timber Wolf, is the largest canid on the planet and are close relatives to our domestic dogs. These magnificent creatures have so much to teach us.”

Another interesting podcast titled Gray Wolves by The Meateater Podcast. They cover these topics:

“Mexican gray wolves; taxonomic lumpers and splitters; historic sub-species of wolves in North America; Cormac McCarthy’s The Border Trilogy; wolves and livestock depredation; the Endangered Species Act; tainted bait for trappin’; foothold traps for wolves; roadkill buffalo; how many elk do wolves kill?’; wandering wolves; a correction re: brevited and brigadier generals; and more”.

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