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Week 4 Blog Assignment  October 19th, 2022

Job Analysis and Job Descriptions

“Job analysis is an essential task of HR, because it sets a foundation for all other functions in HR” (Swift, 2022). Without job analysis, there is no job description, which is necessary to set a standard of qualities and work expectations for employees and new applicants. A thorough job analysis uses KSAOs (Knowledge, Skill, Anility, and Other Characteristics) to determine the qualities that employees will need to possess to successfully complete this job, but this does not mean others will not succeed, it just means these KSAOs are preferred.

There are many challenges facing the implementation of job descriptions. The first one is clearly and concisely presenting an appealing, yet realistic description of the duties performed. This description serves as a first impression for a position and can easily deter candidates from applying if it is too long, too short, too wordy, etc. Another challenge is making the description stand out from competitor descriptions of similar positions, because if your company and a competitor have the same description, why should someone choose your company? The last big challenge I want to discuss is the job design approach. Every company seeks motivation and efficiency, but which one plays a greater importance for the job description and analysis is dependent upon your company’s needs. Maintaining a balance between these two approaches requires time, analysis, and effective communication in HR.

Personally, to overcome these challenges, I would suggest gathering experienced employees in each job category and have them assist in the analysis and description process. This provides clear insight into the daily duties of the job, ways it can be improved, and shows that HR is attempting to be transparent with new and seasoned employees. Also, I suggest reviewing old descriptions or pull competitor descriptions of similar jobs and discuss the shortcomings to avoid in your own descriptions. Highlight key aspects of the duties without neglecting the truth about some unfavorable duties within the job.

Weslee Kersey


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