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Week 8 Blog Assignment  November 15th, 2022


In customer service jobs, customer surveys are very common methods of evaluations that HR uses to assess the employee day-to-day performance. At Starbucks, these scores are gathered to provide a customer connection score to each manager to see how they service compares to that of other stores. My store, in particular, scores pretty well and are normally in the top 3 stores in the district for connection and service scores. Recently, our stores started to decrease, so my manager held pod meetings, in which every partner was scheduled a 30 minute group session with our manager to discuss ways to fix the environment.

One of the outcomes of these meetings was compensating partners who were mentioned by name in customer surveys for positive interactions. For example, a customer mentioned me in a survey regarding my kindness for giving them a free drink due to them having a really bad day. In return of that positive interaction, my manager gave me a $15 Amazon gift card. This reward system became the new normal for any partner who go mentioned for a good reason!

This type of compensation is both intrinsic and extrinsic, because it hold monetary value while simultaneously provided partners with a sense of accomplishment and reassurance for the hard work they do at the store. My manager is also hosting a store holiday party to thank her store employees for their work and to build strong relations with her team. As the lecture states “Compensation is a powerful tool for influencing employee behavior” (Swift, 2022). The store environment is productive and positive, and her compensation methods are proving to be effective for the store. Our performance and connection scores are increasing.

Swift, M. (2022, November). Lecture 1: Introduction to Compensation. [PowerPoint slides].

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