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Week 9 Blog Assignment  November 23rd, 2022

Health and Wellness

I am pretty self aware when it comes to my workaholism and type A personality, so the results for the three tests were not really surprising. On average, I tend to work 36-42 hours a week on top of being a full time Nuclear Science and Engineering student and Army Reservist. I wake up between 0430 and 0530 every day, and finish my day around 1900 (7pm), so my days are long and my responsibilities are demanding. I know I can be impatient or critical of others, but it is never uncalled for or unprovoked.

The first test was the stress inventory regarding events within the last 12 months. I got a score of 305, which indicates that I am at 80% increased change of a stress induced breakdown. I got a score of 71 on the second test, which was the coping and stress management test. I actually manage my stress very well, mainly because I have had this intense schedule for roughly 5 years now and it seems regular to me. I workout regularly as my main coping mechanism, and have a healthy group of friends to support me. My last score was 49, which was on the type A personality test. This score says that I am generally warm and tolerant, but experience times of impatience and hostility, which is pretty true. I am very patient, but when it comes to work or rudeness, I do not have patience and am quick to point out issues. I disagree with the last sentence regarding poor diet, lack of exercise, or smoking, because my health is very important to me so I make sure I have a healthy diet, do not smoke, and work our 4-5 times a week.

I genuinely believe that I have healthy coping mechanisms, which has not always been the case. The steps I took to develop these healthy mechanisms was cut out negative influences in my life, such as people and nicotine, and I also developed a healthy habit of using agendas and budgeting. i will continue to do this in my professional life.

As for organizational stress concerns, Forbes highlights a few strategies that companies are taking to decrease workplace stress. They are using information and awareness tactics to provide employees with local resources to seek help if they need it. They are also implementing collaborative and interactive break rooms to alleviate the stress of work. These rooms have games or snacks, and encourage employees to take break during the workday to allow them to mentally, emotionally, and physically reset. Companies are also using greater sensory stimulation, in addition to yoga and exercise to help alleviate stress. Many leaders will implement open door policies that allow for comfortable pathways for leaders and subordinates to talk, with the additional flexibility for mental health excusals from work.


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