JammersGlobal Game Jam – 3pm rm302 (GDC summary)

My Summary:

This session let a handful of teacher-types get up and talked about their favored memories/lessons from this year’s “global game jam” (Basically, there’s this yearly event, where small groups meets up and make a game in under 48 hours).

Raw Notes:

– They had over 900 games submitted. All are available at their .org (w: ….infoverload. yikes).

– Check out “Fine Love” (? couldn’t find it)- first speaker (in red hoody) mentions he is into punishing game design, and that many games on this site represent experimental innovation.

Terraqua – global watering game (mention to dad) – dude from Dunedin, NZ mentions. also pimping God of Water. “We’re trying to push everyone towards (using) Flash.”

Miami University is in SW Ohio… mentions a game where you use mic to control… by making noises to lure aliens(name?)
Dino-Quixote, Spaniard in Space (used Game Maker), Gorm (…launching “Pratori studios” …?), Chasing Dots – a black dot chases white dots, which can replicate.

2. Ian Schriver (twit – @IanSchreiber), teacher
His speech is title “5 off the wall ideas to use GGJ in the classroom.”
1. post mortem analysis. can compare to triple a PostMorts in magazines.
2. Analyze a game. figure out a way to write about the game(s). AAA games take too long to play. sooo, it’s better to analyze small output from GGJ.
3. Minimum Bar – tell students to strive for this (GGJ games took 2 days tops)
4. achievements. … basically suggesting it’s cool for school reward. bragging rights. better than extra credit.
5. Fix a broken game.

3. kate compton. Promotes FallingForYou (w: … uh, I guess I didn’t take any other notes for this speech)

4. Bill Crosby – Raritan Valley Community College
Ballin’ Spain – impressed by Game Maker abilities. takeaway – get to first playable ASAP.

5.UMBC guy – mentions GAIM thing. program? … Feather Tether, Q-tip Nightmare, cloudy with a chance of pain, BAFaFZ waterWorks Duplicity, Los Penguinos

6. Zuraida Buter- NL – Dutch Game Garden
PULSE, Resonance – using sound to create the 2d platforms to jump across?

A lot of these people using this as a venue to just spew stats. mention they had participants and and such. weee. it’s like they want to go back and tell their teams/kids that each one of them was mentioned. to like 70 people in a room. bleh.

This talk could have used more focus (on takeaways/lessons), less focus on personal back patting and stats.

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