The Games for Learning Institute: Research on Design : 10am – rm133 (summary)
arrived 5 minutes late.

G4LIThree G4LI speakers. Ken talking first (looks like ted raimi), about how we (schools) usually try to make games with no idea how, and thus threw/blew a bunch of money. So his group turned to science(!). …dropped a game name, but i didn’t catch it (mac was still booting up). check slides? (numbers in circle… factoring?).

Talking about eye trackers. shows horrific old torture device to prove kids won’t wear. then talks about the built into tv solution (likely the one those rude Australian bastards invented. “Tobii“). claims you can’t get these for less than $20,000. He’s unaware of cheaper solutions, classic (I recall Arrington Research selling one for just a couple grand that used black and white imagers. Wonder if he’d take it seriously…).

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