3:30 – 5th Cell: from mobile to handheld & beyond (scribblenauts) (summary)
I had to run across from North hall basement to South Hall mezzanine, with zero time break, so i showed up 7 minutes late.
I thought this talk turned out to be a waste of time. but maybe I missed something in beginning?

raw notes:
Drawn to life led to many inquiries about making kid’s games. so they made Lock’s Quest to break out of the paradigm. (he asked for a show of hands as to who had played Lock’s Quest. I had the sense no one raised a hand. What the hell is Lock’s Quest?).

ScribbleTalksThe key to Scribblenaut’s success was having mature tools for their devs to go nuts with, right from the start. They’ve been using/evolving the same tools from previous games apparently. somehow. He showed mysterious screens of their Tileforge & Objectnaut tools. Again, i believe the idea is that these both started out mobile.

“mobile/handheld hardware limitations require gameplay to sell title.” Basically you actually have to make it fun. … This is sort of disproved by the mass of crappy games out there, right? but. Wii, and social, and handheld/mobile developers seem to say this a lot. basically, their wise advice is to focus on gameplay in your games rather than tech. yawn. yeah.

meh. This talk was mostly about “we have done well because we keep remaking the same game.” which isn’t very useful. maybe first 5 minutes had the gems of wisdom? meh? I am frustrated when devs say ‘we made these great tools, which we can’t discuss in detail. That is why we’re successful! HOPE YALL LEARNED SOMETHING TODAY, ‘K BYE!!!

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