11am:Google Phone Line-

The Line beginsI raced over to South Hall and discovered a huge mob of people already in line for the Google Phone. Literally hundreds (if not thousands).

Found myself standing next to some cool people.
– Daniel Cook – works for Microsoft as well as his own “Lost Garden” projects. He has worked on a game called “Ribbon Hero” for Microsoft, which teaches you about the new office “ribbon” in Word (and other office suite apps?)
– Susan gold – Apparently formed/lead (?) IGDA’s education SIG. Later saw her at the White House session, introducing important people.
– Jonathon Myers – while we discussed learning methodologies and the fine line between fun and factual, he mentioned that I should really read Howard Gardener’s “Multiple Intelligences

the line enters hellWe shuffled through the entirety of South Hall’s ground level lobby. Then down stairs. Around a loop. back up stairs. Then the line was reorganized to be outside. We discussed what kind of game could be used to explore proper “lining up people for maximum safety and foot traffic flow” dynamics.
They, being friendly folk, suggested betting on when we’d actually get our phones. Someone proposed that if anyone got a nexus1 they’d have to give it to the winner. laughter. eh. but this left me hoping I wouldn’t have to hand over the nexus one if I actually scored one. I am so not social. sigh.

the phone acquiredWhen I finally stepped up to the table to show my ID and Voucher, I was quite mute. I’d worked out this pitch about “if you give me a Nexus1 I promise to port all my iPhone apps over to Android, thus exposing “Android Supported” to thousands of OSU online students.” Who likely would be interested in owning android phones. but meh. Everyone around me was already being annoying their various begging and pleading for the “good phone.” I just smiled and thanked him when he gave me a Motorola Droid. Checked in with the more-social gang, and it seemed none of us scored the Nexus 1. This left me feeling rather unimportant and snubbed. weird ugly marketing move on google’s part. And Poorly timed?

Off to Lunch at Jollibees!charming side note: there was also a young kid with us at the start of the line, who whispered to Susan about how he was obsessed with a certain game company that he longed to work for- and the group in front of us were all from that company. What should he do?!?!?! She advised “just go talk to them.” Sure enough, they all hit it off and he disappeared together, laughing and having a good time. The magic of GDC!

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