VoucherI got up at 6:30am so I could go register and pick up my voucher for a google phone at 7am (ideally: before everyone else).
Just wore my lucky google shirt again. Scored the voucher.

went back to sleep.

10am- Prototyping for Engagement and Metaphor (summary)
I missed this basically…

PickWindowby the time I showered (Hotel Pickwick apparently had to boil water by hand, as it took about 10 minutes for warmth from the faucet), wandered the streets, and found the room for this first lecture – it was basically over (only 20 minutes long, mind you).


I politely worked my way in, sat down, opened my laptop, and listened for all of 3 minutes before he said “ok, questions?”
So I snuck back out to get to the 10:30 talk early.

The Speaker!- At this point I realized I probably should have just stayed in a single room, rather than cherry picking from various tracks all over the place (many with zero break-time between them).

Everyone in the audience seemed happy, so I do hope to check this talk out later (assuming it was recorded).
Also, noted to self to snoop his website http://plushapocalypse.com/theunconcerned/

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