CS 462 Entry 02/08/2024

The project seems to be going pretty decently so far. I feel that my team is working quite well together. We generally have been communicating well, in spite of what feels to me are constant set-backs. Life continues to get in the way for some of us. two of us have gotten very ill in the past couple of weeks, the ice storm held us back a bit, I’m having issues with my phone and my two-factor authentication, and I am currently experiencing issues with data corruption with my previous contributions to the project. Somehow, I’m still optimistic. 

      Redoing my work shouldn’t be too much of a hassle, and we have a lead on what to do to prevent this in the future. I’ve been able to continue getting some much needed work done for the project, in finding 3D assets to use and also finding sources to find more. I’ve been continuing to think about some of the more big picture stuff for the project, which may be a little unnecessary since it may be more of a sprint 2 focus but that is coming up! These ideas pertain more to the theme of simulation. 

      At least since I’m feeling a little behind, I’m also finding it quite motivating. It’ll be nice to get even more familiar with the game engine, and get some game development experience, as that is something I am quite interested in. I have some ideas of my own that I would like to develop for my own personal projects in the future, and this may be a good way to get me even more motivated to get those started. I can’t get too ambitious though, its fun to day dream, but I need to focus at the task at hand. The idea of making an escape room makes me think of solving puzzles in Zelda games, which are my favorites, which also gives me some inspirations for the level design. 

      Here’s to hoping that this project exceeds all of our expectations!

            - David

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