The flight from PDX to Amsterdam was very nice and easy, 9 hours didn’t feel that long when you are sitting with extra leg room seats and you’re own T.V. full of movies and music. When arriving in Amsterdam I was pretty lost, nobody to tell you where to go and so many languages I had never heard before. I stumbled my way around dodging people with my backpack stuffed to the brim. I was very lost, but managed to find a flight board displaying gates. After a 3-hour layover, eventually I was on my next plane to Nairobi, Nigeria. That plane was a double decker, but I sat in the main cabin so I didn’t get to explore much. The 12-hour plane ride felt like it dragged on forever, and I was going on day two of traveling. After landing in Nigeria, we exited the plane right onto the tarmac and waddled into a much smaller, more confusing airport. Heading through a random security checkpoint, x-raying our bags again, I ran across three other students in my group. We sat down together at our gate and patiently waited another hour and a half for our final plane to Zanzibar! It was now the 22nd and I had left the 20th. Getting into Zanzibar, we were confronted with guards asking for our visas and we herded through customs where our bags where waiting. The roads were pure dirt and we were a little scared driving on the left side of the road. We arrived to our hotel a little after midnight and settled in for the night.

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