Week 5

This past week we’ve spent four days in the only National Forest in Zanzibar. The Jozani National Forest is 5000 hectors of old growth forests, mangrove trees and a lot of monkeys that are endemic to the islands. Red Colobus Monkeys are only found on Zanzibar and are very interactive and social with the many visitors that come by. Although they aren’t very smart compared to other primates, they are still fun to watch and study. This isn’t like any other national park you’ve been to. The signs are 20 years old and the there isn’t even a map you can look at while walking the maze like trails. We decided to walk a 7km trail and figured it would come back towards the camp. Turns out it doesn’t, and it left us in the middle of the bush walking in the dark to find a road. We finally found a road and some people gave us a ride back to the camp. Don’t expect things to be organized here and don’t expect anyone to be on time. Island time is quite a thing here.

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