Week 8

Done with our stay in the hostels and now we are on our way to our rural homestays. This is a change. These houses are made out of clay and limestone and have roofs are made out of tin and this is what I pictured when I first pictured Africa. The toilets are holes in the ground and you have a bucket of water to shower with. I feel like I never get clean. There is no toilet paper so we carry it with us in our backpacks. People just use a bucket of water to clean themselves. I don’t think that cleans anything* There is no running water in some of our houses and some of us don’t have electricity. This is the real Africa. They get their water from wells and sometimes they pack it in pretty far from their houses. My family is very nice and I have 10-year-old brother and 8-year-old sister. My uncle is 22 and my dad and mom are both 34. I don’t get fed much, and I never really sleep under my mosquito-ridden room, but hey it’s an experience. I leave back to normal civilization in about 4 days, so I think I can stick it out.

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