Week 6

Heading back into town from Jozani was hard because it is such a cool place. For my research project over the course of 4 weeks I will stay in Jozani studying the old growth forest and how to keep it healthy and preserved. We are now heading to stay back with our homestay families for four days and then we are off to an island called Pemba, which is just another island in the archipelago of Zanzibar. Headed back into Stone Town means Wi-Fi, actually decent food, and some normal hotels to hangout at. While in Stone Town we had some lectures on coral reefs and sandbars and then headed out into the field to put what we had learnt to the test. A short 30-minute boat ride on a boat that you wouldn’t trust back in states, we reach a very nice secluded sandbar that is beautiful and has very little impact from human interaction. Here we found cuttlefish, octopus and hundreds of fish and coral species as we snorkeled and studied intertidal pools

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