There is no cell phone or internet service at Shotpouch Cabin, but there are trilliums and delphinium and wild iris. We’d like to invite you to unplug and enjoy the wildflower season at Shotpouch by submitting a proposal for the Trillium Project.

The Trillium Project is a residency program that focuses on the Cabin and the Shotpouch land. The Cabin is a lovely cedar and glass retreat on 45 acres of forest and meadows in the Coast Range near Burnt Woods, and it is the location for many Spring Creek events and writers-in-residency programs. The Cabin is also an idea, a set of values, a nature reserve, and a work in progress.

We are inviting proposals from people with a variety of backgrounds and interests—artists, botanists, biologists, writers, musicians, philosophers, etc.—to study and write about the Shotpouch place itself, its history or philosophy or bird species or wildflowers or mosses or limnology or trout or soundscape. People are invited to visit the Cabin for half a day or stay up to three days.

Our vision for the Project is that people will come and go from the Cabin, exploring the creek, meadows, and upland forests, encountering new people and new ideas as they go about their explorations. Our hope is that as people find inspiration and information in this special place, they will also find interest in their encounters with others who are equally involved with the land. And so people will create passing collaborations, share their perspectives and expertise, and learn to see the land through a variety of eyes.

Click here to apply for the 2014 Trillium Project online, or click here to download the 2014 application, which you can then submit by email or mail.

We’ll give first preference to proposals submitted by Tuesday April 1, 2014. We will consider later proposals as space allows.


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