It’s wildflower time again, and that means it’s time to send us your applications for The Trillium Project. This year’s program will run from April 17 to May 21.

The Trillium Project is our open, place-based, revolving residency program at the Cabin at Shotpouch Creek. You are invited to submit a brief proposal—singly, in pairs, or in small groups—to spend 1 to 3 days at the Cabin to explore the land and create visual art, creative writing, scientific observations, music, or other works that emerge from your engagement with the Shotpouch land. Our vision for the Project is that people will come and go from the Cabin, exploring the creek, meadows, and upland forests, encountering new people and new ideas as they go about their explorations. Our hope is that as people find inspiration and information in this special place, they will also create passing collaborations with others, share their perspectives and expertise, and learn to see the land through a variety of eyes.

Trillium Project proposals are due by Monday, April 10, 2017.  We review applications as we receive them, so we encourage you to apply early.

Click here for more information about the Trillium Project including a link to our On-line Submission Form.

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