The challenge of the Spring Creek Project is to bring together the practical wisdom of the environmental sciences, the clarity of philosophical analysis, and the creative, expressive power of the written word, to find new ways to understand and re-imagine our relation to the natural world.

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2 thoughts on “Spring Creek Project Mission

  1. I am inquiring about the results of the “Eye of the Storm – Re-imagining” a meeting in October 2011 in Adaire Village put on by Spring Creek Project. I was one person in attendance and never heard the results/studies/changes/consultation/re-invisioning of the possible results due to the collective gathering present.

    My impression of the gathering was very positive and I have been hoping to receive some word as to the results achieved at so worthy a group effort. There is so little time. What has been the gem of the light of knowledge to date? What is the practical application?

    Sincerely, Poppy Olson (Heartwood Center – Health and Healing)

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