Our panel last week, “Mormons, Militias, and Malheur,” was full of fascinating insights on theĀ  religious backgrounds and legal beliefs of militia members occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge and the history of public lands ranching. Though the situation at Malheur took a dramatic turn on this week with the arrest of leaders of the occupation, militia activity in the Pacific Northwest is not going away any time soon. These presentations provide some deep context for this ongoing issue.


Here are links to the videos of those panel presentations:
Part 1: “Malheur: Nature, Native Americans, and the Public”, Charles Goodrich, poet and the Director of the Spring Creek Project,
Part 2: “Ranching and Federal Lands“, Hannah Gosnell, Associate Professor of Geography in the College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences,
Part 3: “Militias, Republicanism, and the County Supremacy Movement”, Steve Shay, Adjunct Professor of History,
Part 4: “Worldviews and Religious Background of Malheur Militiamen”, Courtney Campbell, Professor of Philosophy and the Hundere Chair for Religion and Culture,