Third Time’s the Charm?

When I first was an undergraduate student over 10 years ago, I was unmotivated and did not have a clue what I wanted to do with my life. And even though I received bad grades and just played all the time, I somehow was able to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Math in the end (with a poor GPA). I didn’t end up using my degree and found myself working a lot of unfulfilling part time jobs in between. I was never able to make a real career out of anything after college.

After years of being directionless, I decided I wanted a second chance, so I applied and got into a 2 year nursing program. However after one year into this program, I ended up dropping out, as I felt it wasn’t a right fit for me.

After about 5 years of wandering directionless out of college, I was able to land my first real job at a company that develops bank software. Even though I had no computer or software experience besides a few classes in college, they decided to give me a chance since they saw that I did have a math degree. (I guess this degree did come in handy after all!) My responsibilities were mainly on the technical support side of things, such as learning about SQL, databases, and servers, all which I learned on the job. Having a real job for the first time in my life was very exciting, as it led to finally earning a steady income, being able to marry my wife, and even finally being able to afford to buy a home.

This job is where I started to realize that I like working with computers and programs. But after about another 5 years and learning all that I could get out of this job, I was starting to feel that I was ready to move on to bigger things, which is why I made the decision to go back to school, but this time for computer science.

Today, I am still working full time at the same job mentioned above, in order to put myself through Oregon State’s computer science program part time. It definitely was not easy juggling 2 classes a term while working full time, but I am greatly proud of where I am today, almost at the finish line of this program.

As I finish out this program with the final capstone project, I am a little nervous to be tackling a project of the likes I have never attempted before in this program, especially with two strangers that I have never worked with. However, I am excited and optimistic to finish strong this chapter of my life, and finally venture out into the beginnings of my career.

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