Not Game Over, Continue?

I still remember my first experience with video games. It was my 5th birthday at Chuck E. Cheese, and my parents had just bought me a Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Little did my parents know that they would forever regret buying me a video game console. I was instantly hooked the first time I inserted the game cartridge for Super Mario World into the console and played my very first video game, which forever changed my life.

Now, it is many years later, and I still enjoy playing video games occasionally, but I probably play less than a total of 5 hours a month these days. However, I believe that my passion for video games at a young age has contributed largely into the person I am now. It has been a large foundation of sparking my interest in technology.

As I started expanding my gaming experiences and getting interested in PC gaming, my favorite PC game in my youth was Starcraft. And in this game, there were these special online games that anybody can build, using the game’s user friendly but extensive campaign editor. I was very interested in learning exactly how people created certain triggers, which allowed certain games to play out the way they did. It got me into trying to create my own types of games in Starcraft, which I believe helped me to explore not only playing games, but trying to create them.

Going from there, I started getting interested in other PC games, but I had to learn about computers and computer specs, in order to see if my PC could even handle some of these newer games. This eventually grew my fascination for learning about things such as CPUs and GPUs, even knowing that my tattered PC couldn’t handle a lot of newer games being released. I was learning more about the ins and outs of the Windows OS, in a more than typical way that a normal person would use Windows.

I was pretty intrigued by computers at this point, that I decided to take a Computer Science class in high school, where I learned some basic C++. And eventually, this led me to taking a few classes in college, and again, eventually led me to Oregon State University’s computer science program. And I truly believe that video games has contributed a large part in sparking my interest into technology. It has not been an easy road getting to where I am today. And there have been times that I wanted to give up and stay complacent in my life and career. However, I think back upon all those difficult games I grew up playing, and how I would keep trying over and over again to beat these games, even if I got to the game over screen. And I believe that is another thing that video games have taught me in life, that you can keep trying to accomplish your goals and achieve your dream.

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