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WWI Panel Convened at OSU Special Collections

What did WWI mean for the concept of citizenship and for citizens as they experienced and later commemorated the sacrifices made? History of Science graduate students Tamara Caulkins and Matt McConnell review and discuss the recent WW1 panel discussion held … Continue reading

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World War 1: A Reader’s Guide

As you are aware by now I am an historian, and a historian’s answer to almost any question is something like: ‘ there must be a book about that; I need to find it (them); I need to read it … Continue reading

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War Against Nature, the Backbone of the South

“You’ve heard the phrase “war is hell.”  But you probably haven’t heard the phrase “war is when you attack agroecosystems.”  It’s a lesser known aphorism of General Sherman’s, to be sure…. But reading Lisa Brady’s book, War Upon the Land, … Continue reading

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