PhronesisTeam14SSPhronesis Lab is housed in the School of History, Philosophy, and Religion, and supports ethics research that is interdisciplinary, innovative, and engaged, with a focus on social justice.

Our projects are aligned with the three Signature Areas of Distinction identified in OSU’s Strategic Plan.

  1. Economic and Social Progress
  2. Health and Wellness
  3. Sustainable Earth Ecosystems.

Co-directors Jenkins and Clough (pictured, right) welcome collaborations from across the campus and the wider community. Email co-directors Sharyn Clough or Stephanie Jenkins if you’re interested in collaborating on any of our projects, or suggesting new ones.

Recent Events and Activities

Newest!!!! Phronesis Scholar in Residence Mark Tschaepe gave two presentations during his summer stay. The first was focused on Prison Sexual Violence. You can view the slides here:  A Noxious Injustice as Punishment

His second presentation was based on his paper “The student as philosopher-scientist” (available at his page). Check here for some photos of the event.

Earlier in the summer, Mark and Co-Director Sharyn Clough sketched a roadmap for a set of essays on the ways that pragmatic considerations are embedded in the sciences of sexual desire.

Newer!!! The Phronesis High School Instructional Team gave a panel presentation “Promoting Social Justice  with Engaged Philosophy” at a recent conference at Villanova University. Here’s some photos of the trip!

New!!! Photos from our Philosopher.Scientist.Citizen series, featuring Massimo Pigliucci’s visit, as well as a video of his talk “Pseudoscience: Exploiting Public Trust.”

Photos from our Philosopher.Scientist.Citizen series, featuring Stacey Ritz’s visit and her talk “On the integration of sex and gender considerations in basic experimental biomedical research.”

Photos from our Philosopher.Scientist.Citizen series, featuring Alan Richardson, as well as a video of his talk “Signal Achievements: Reichenbach On Radio.”

Philosophy in the community: Professor Jenkins writes a Weekly Ethics Column in the OSU Student Newspaper The Barometer! Send her your Ethics queries and conundrums to!

Check out our Book Panel Video Extravaganza, discussing Colin Koopman’s new book Genealogy as Critique, featuring Stephanie Jenkins, Sharyn Clough, and Evan Gottlieb.


Photo Credit: Bob Peckyno



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