Welcome to Phronesis Lab Co-director Linda Richards! Linda brings a wealth of experience in the peace movement, tied to her careful doctoral research on human rights and the inter-generational health effects of nuclear radiation.

Phronesis Lab supports innovative, interdisciplinary research that is focused on real-world problems, involving students, faculty, and community members, and driven by a commitment to peace and social justice.

We provide:

  • web-hosting and networking
  • accessible space for small group meetings
  • financial support for research assistantships
  • student internships
  • volunteer opportunities
  • small grants to support speakers, panels, and community activities

Photo: Phronesis Co-Director
Linda Richards, PhD

Our projects are aligned with the three Signature Areas of Distinction identified in OSU’s Strategic Plan.

  1. Economic and Social Progress
  2. Health and Wellness
  3. Sustainable Earth Ecosystems.

Phronesis Lab is housed in the School of History, Philosophy, and Religion, in the College of Liberal Arts at OSU. We welcome collaborations from across the campus and the wider community.
Email Sharyn Clough if you’re interested in collaborating on any of our projects, or suggesting new ones.

Events and Activities


Newest! The latest event in the Year of Peace Literacy project: Tues March 14 – Weds. March 15 Two experts, Kevin Martin and Reiner Braun, visit Corvallis to discuss the troubled state of international nuclear weapons treaties.  Public Lecture on Tues. evening, Mar. 14 at the Unitarian Church 2945 NW Circle, and a lunchtime meet and greet, at OSU MU 213, Weds. Mar. 15 (pizza provided!).

Co-sponsored by Veterans for Peace, and the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom.




Newer! Phronesis Lab continued the celebration of a Year of Peace Literacy, in collaboration with Paul K. Chappell of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, in Santa Barbara, CA.

March 1-2, 2017 Paul gave guest lectures in two classes in the School of History, Philosophy, and Religion – Professor Orosco’s  “Great Figures: Martin Luther King Jr.,” and Paul Kopperman’s “Why War?”



He also gave a presentation to the students of College Hill High School on strategies for responding to bullying and harassment (Above, right).

(Left) Paul at College Hill High School with Phronesis Co-Director Sharyn Clough



New! Stephanie Vasko, Michigan State University, gave two lectures in our Philosopher. Scientist. Citizen series in November, 2016.





12042696_10154598266898916_8714828230026445549_nIn Portland in March of 2016, Phronesis Lab researchers Sione Filimoehala, Sharyn Clough, and Rob Figueroa presented their work on pragmatism as a philosophical wedge in the K-12 curriculum at the Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy meeting.





Jan-June 2016


The fourth annual Phronesis Lab/College Hill Collaborative seminar on Peace and Social Justice wrapped up June 4, with 9 high school students from College Hill completing the 10-week class, led by Sharyn Clough, Matt Gaddis, and OSU students Haley Egan, Robyn Morris, Josh Stanley, and Alex Pho.




October 2015 Phronesis Visiting Scholar Mark Tschaepe contributed to our lecture series Philosopher.Scientist.Citizen with a fantastic lecture on Oct. 5/15 called:Quantifying Experience: The Seduction of Neuroscientific Explanation in the Dopamine Democracy.” You can watch it here. And here’s an album of photos from the talk, on Facebook.

July 2015 Phronesis Scholar in Residence Mark Tschaepe gave two presentations during his summer stay. The first was focused on Prison Sexual Violence. You can view the slides here:  A Noxious Injustice as Punishment

His second presentation was based on his paper “The student as philosopher-scientist” (available at his Academia.edu page). Check here for some photos of the event.

May 2015 The Phronesis High School Instructional Team gave a panel presentation “Promoting Social Justice  with Engaged Philosophy” at a recent conference at Villanova University. Here’s some photos of the trip!

April 2015 Photos from our Philosopher.Scientist.Citizen series, featuring Massimo Pigliucci’s visit, as well as a video of his talk “Pseudoscience: Exploiting Public Trust.”

February 2015 Photos from our Philosopher.Scientist.Citizen series, featuring Stacey Ritz’s visit and her talk “On the integration of sex and gender considerations in basic experimental biomedical research.”

January 2015 Photos from our Philosopher.Scientist.Citizen series, featuring Alan Richardson, as well as a video of his talk “Signal Achievements: Reichenbach On Radio.”

Check out our December 2014 Book Panel Video Extravaganza, discussing Colin Koopman’s new book Genealogy as Critique, featuring  Phronesis Lab Director Sharyn Clough, Stephanie Jenkins, and Evan Gottlieb.

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