• Sharyn Clough, faculty, School of History, Philosophy, and Religion (SHPR), OSU

Our OSU Program Partners include:

OSU Student Collaborators have included:

  • Clay Williams (MA in Interdisciplinary Studies, OSU 2022, Clay now teaches in the School of Communication and also works as a Program Associate at the Peace Literacy Institute)
  • Sophia Betts (BA Honors in Philosophy, English, and French Major, 2022)
  • Anna Clouse (MA Applied Ethics, 2020) You can view Anna’s wonderful MA Practicum “How to Teach Peace Literacy Curriculum to 3-10 yr. olds over Zoom During a Pandemic,” here.
  • Chloe Sain-Thomason (Masters in School Counseling, 2021, now working as a counselor at Beaver Acres Elementary)
  • Connor Garrett (undergraduate intern)
  • Mary Hare (undergraduate intern)
  • Rose Martines (high school intern, Corvallis High School Student Leadership)
  • Ben White (MA in Applied Ethics program, now completing his PhD in the UK)
  • Sione Filimoehala (Since co-founding Phronesis Lab, Sione graduated with BA in Philosophy in the spring of 2015, and an MPP from the School of Public Policy in spring 2017)
  • Pam Allen (since working as a Co-PI and co-author with Professor Clough, Pam has graduated with her Ph.D. in Human Development and Family Sciences)
  • Tenagne Downes (College Hill alumna)
  • You? Seeking collaborators, interns, assistants, co-authors! Email Sharyn Clough if you’re interested in collaborating on any of our projects, or suggesting new ones.

Our Community partnerships have included:

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