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First Downwinders Workshop

The first workshop of our three-year project “Reconstructing Radiation and the Downwinders Case” was held in late June. It was an extraordinary event spanning two days, and it included scholars, activists, and community members. We learned a great deal about what is at stake when telling stories of radiation and developing histories of science that […]

Congratulations graduates!

Best wishes to all of our History of Science students who walked in commencement in June 2018! Emily Simpson (PhD, Hamblin) Brenda Kellar (PhD, Guerrini) Andy Hahn (PhD, Osborne) Tamara Caulkins (PhD, Guerrini) Gus Paoli (Master’s, Hamblin) Siddharth Satishchandran (Master’s, Osborne) Logan Schmaltz (Master’s, Hamblin)

Downwinders and History of Science on the Research in Action podcast!

On this episode, Katie is joined by Dr. Jacob Darwin Hamblin. The author of Arming Mother Nature, Poison in the Well, and Oceanographers and the Cold War, Jacob writes about the history and politics of science, technology, and environmental issues. His work has appeared in the New York Times, Salon, and many publications devoted to […]