Writing Exercise #5

What choices do you make in terms of food/nutrition/product use and consumption that may have an impact on your microbial communities? Consider choices that are intentional and choices that are perhaps non-intentional. I believe that each and every choice I make regarding food/nutrition/product affects my microbial community. Most what I eat is largely influenced by… Continue reading Writing Exercise #5

Writing Exercise #4

In their paper entitled “Epidemiology of Helicobacter pylori Infection”, Leonardo H Eusebi, Rocco Zagari, and Franco Bazzoli assert that the prevalence of H. pylori is still high in most countries and that low socioeconomic conditions are the most important risk factor for H. pylori infection. Eusebi, Zagari, and Bazolli provide evidence by describing how the… Continue reading Writing Exercise #4

Writing Assignment #3

Brainstorm a list of behaviors that an individual could engage in that could cause changes to their gut microbial community. Pick 3 specific behaviors from your list. For each, discuss how that behavior could change the microbial community and the potential health impacts (beneficial, detrimental, neutral) that could result for the individual’s health. List of… Continue reading Writing Assignment #3

Writing Assignment #2

As a healthcare professional, a colleague asks your opinion as to which HPV strains should be covered in a new treatment. Based on your reading from the Sarid and Gao 2011 article, what is your recommendation, and when should the treatment be administered? What evidence supports your opinion? Keep in mind a cost/benefit analysis, as… Continue reading Writing Assignment #2

Writing Assignment #1

List as many human non-infectious diseases that you can think of that is influenced by microorganisms. -tuberculosis -salmonella -Alzheimer’s -esophageal cancer -periodontitis Hopefully, I will learn much more this term!