Writing Exercise #14

Part 1: Set a timer for 3 minutes, and make a list of as many human non-infectious diseases that you can think of that are influenced by microorganisms.



-vaginal bacteriosis

-inflammatory bowel disease

-crohn’s disease

-most gastrointestinal diseases

-asthma/ allergies (this is something that needs to be studied more)

-celiac disease

-cardiovascular disease


Part 2: Refer back to your Writing Exercise #1 that you completed the first week of class. Reflect and discuss how your responses have changed from week 1 to week 10, and what the most important topics you will take away with you once you have completed the course.

I could think of a great deal more examples in this writing exercise compared to Writing Exercise #1. I mostly guessed because I had very little understanding of how microbes affect our health. In this exercise, I was able to recall each week of class and what we discussed. The most important topic I will take away from this class is the vaginal microbiome. I did not realize how little research has been done on this topic, especially in regards to what constitutes as a “healthy” vaginal microbiota. I also did not realize how much bacteria affects mental health, and that by taking care of our gut, we can improve our mental health.

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