Writing Exercise #15

Imagine yourself as the head of a funding agency (like the National Institute of Health) in which your job is to look at proposals for research projects and decide what projects to award funding to. Based on your readings this term, discuss a research project (or projects) that you would be most excited about funding as they relate to learning more about microbial influences on human health. As part of your response, consider what are we likely to learn from the project and how that might be important in future healthcare decisions.

I would be most excited in funding an study that examines how vaginal health varies among women of all ethnic backgrounds and cultures. There is not much research that examines these differences, and it would massively aid in the health of women when it comes to giving birth and being diagnosed with vaginal diseases. I would also be interested in a study that attempts to find why these differences exist, and at what point a divergence occured (or if it was always that way). We already know that black women have different vaginal pH and proportions of bacteria, but it would be interesting to find how this varies among asian, Native American, and white women. It would also be interesting to find the percentage of misdiagnoses of women of color compared to white woman.

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