Writing Exercise #6

Describe your personal philosophy about how and when you have taken or would take antibiotics. What experiences or prior knowledge do you have that shaped that personal philosophy?

I believe that antibiotics are important, and should be taken when the situation arises. It is important to consider all options before taking antibiotics. Also, one can develop a tolerance to antibiotics, which makes it harder to help people if they have become ill/have need for antibiotics. I have taken antibiotics after each of my surgeries, which felt necessary as I had an open wound and it made sense to protect my body from potential infection.

As a STEM major, my opinion has been largely shaped by what I have learned. I view antibiotics as I do vaccines: an important part of science/health. I think it is incredibly important to weigh the options before taking antibiotics. Ensure that it is necessary to protect onesself. There are plenty of symbiotic bacteria in our system that actually protect us, so we need to do what we can to protect them.

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