Bondia from Corvallis

Bondia tur hende! (Good morning to all in Papiamientu)

My name is AnnaRose Adams and I will be the returning Sea Grant veteran posting on this summer’s Scholars blog. Last summer, I was a Sea Grant Scholar doing marine policy work with the Governor’s Task Force on Nearshore Research. This summer, I have decided to return to Sea Grant again to do more work related to marine policy (more on that in a bit).

A little about me:

  • Just graduated from Oregon State with an Honors BS in BioResource Research, focusing in marine ecology and policy
  • During fall of 2010, I traveled to the Caribbean island of Bonaire (hence the reference to Papiamientu above) to attend a field school for marine ecology and complete my undergraduate thesis.
  • My passion is integrating marine science and policy. I love serving as a “translator” between both fields in order to make scientific discoveries become a political reality.
  • In the winter, I will be traveling to Fiji to do socioeconomic research on alternative incomes for local fisherman that are impacted by Marine Protected Areas.

So what will I be up to this summer?

My main role this summer will be doing a lot of event planning. I will be helping to head up the creation of a workshop on Coastal Marine Spatial Planning (CMSP). This workshop is one of the current goals of Oregon State’s Marine Council. The purpose of the event will be to bring together key individuals that have expertise in CMSP to help identify goals and priorities for how Oregon can meet the Obama administration’s new goals for creating spatial maps of US territorial waters. Much of my work will involve research into current work being done in the field, identifying gaps, making lots of phone calls, going to meetings, and organizing the structure for the CSMP workshop.

A final FYI…

I keep a regular blog AnnaRose and the Sea that will provide greater insight and detail into my thoughts about my internship experience. My blogging with most likely continue as I go to Fiji (so long as I have internet access). When I post on here, I will be updating short summaries. I encourage you to check out my personal blog if you want to follow my work. It is also located on the Blogroll links of this page on the left side of your screen.

Over and out,

AnnaRose Adams


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